meet my uncle, Ismaël Alexandre. I met him for the first time last December on my first trip to Haiti. Every time I look at this picture, I am reminded of the things I take for granted, the things I should enjoy. A simple smile and a breath in. Just live. Stop thinking. Stop processing, decrypting, organizing, worrying. Stop, only for a moment.

That all we’ve got. Moments.

A bit of time off…


My very first post was in August, all in the hopes of starting something revolutionary and for someone out there to follow and feel my words. Sure, possibly a bit too dramatic, but I’m hoping this will continue forward from now on.

Sorry World for my absence. Time to get to work.Image

Hello world!

Hello World,

I’m from Montreal and I have no idea how curiosity kills the cat, I suppose we’re about to find out…

I enjoy most things social, food, and creative. Sometimes it simply means having a game night with friends. I dabble a bit in photography and I thought I could use this as an engine to share and push me a bit further into my creative expression.

This is for all of you who don’t think you can. For those who simply can’t get out of your routine after work of 6hrs of reality t.v. marathons after work. For those who’ve never eaten anything but mom’s cooking outside of your own. For those on a budget refusing to do anything because it just costs too much (I’m on a budget so trust me, there’s plenty out there that won’t break the bank).

For my fellow Montrealers who aren’t out of bed yet.

Hope you’ll stick around for the progress :)

Yay! I’m blogging!!! (big deal for me)